Jun 18, 2023    Steve Dozeman

As Jesus prepares to leave his disciples He tells them that the advocate (Greek—paraklete, Hebrew—menahem) will come. In the most literal sense, this is one who "comes alongside." English translations use a number of words - comforter, helper, counsellor, advisor, mediator, intercessor, advocate. Twice Jesus mentions of this “come alongside one” in John 14 and given the context, Jesus alludes that times will be tough for His followers. But this isn't all bad news! Jesus encourages them to not fear because the comforter, counsellor, defender, advocate will be with you. This is not a promise of comfort, but a comforter. This is not a promise of safety, but defence. The paraklete comforts and advocates by coming alongside of us in the front lines of a spiritual battle. He prompts us and prods us onward in faith and obedience in the way of God’s truth.