The Integrity Question

Sep 10, 2023    Steve Dozeman

Am I being honest? This is a question that the Apostle Paul faced again and again because he was constantly accused of wrong-doing. In the story we explore today, he's imprisoned (again) and undergoing numerous trials where many testify against him. In the midst of this bombardment, Paul’s integrity was at stake and it forced him to consider if he was really being honest - was he in a whole and undivided state or was he a two-faced, self-absorbed, self-promotional conman? Every time Paul is accused, he responds from a place of integrity - with confidence in his character. Paul refuses to lie, even when it may have been beneficial for him. The only way to hold to such integrity is to be honest before God and yourself. If you want to make good decisions, they have be built on a firm foundation of integrous character and truth.