We believe that our youth aren't the church of the future, they're the church now. That's why we're committed to NEXT GENERATION INVESTMENT through programs like Senior Youth Group.

SUNDAYS // 7.00 - 9.00 PM // AT THE CHURCH


Whether it's playing crazy games on youth nights, competing in the famous "egg drop challenge" or just hanging out and enjoying some good food - there's always a lot of laughter happening at Senior Youth!


We believe that Jesus continues to be relevant in our world today. Together we'll dive into Scripture and learn more about Christ, pray for and encourage one another and discuss tough topics in an honest and authentic way. We desire to see our youth grow in a loving relationship with Jesus.


Being a teenager can be hard. There are pressures and challenges that your parents may not understand - afterall, you're growing up in a digital age. The good news is that you don't have to face those challenges alone. Senior Youth is a great place to meet friends who are going through what you're going through. Life isn't meant to be done alone, so find some friends for the journey!


According to findings in "Sticky Faith", youth who are surrounded by five adults who model a dynamic faith are more likely to continue growing in their faith as they become adults. That's why we engage Christ followers who have a passion for youth as youth leaders. Our youth leaders love teens and desire to become one of those five.


A huge youth conference held at Wilfred Laurier University in May, the All-Ontario Youth Convention gathers 1,000+ youth from across Ontario for four days of life changing experiences. A long weekend packed with inspiring speakers, dynamic worship, opportunities to serve and lots of fun activities, this is a great place to build and deepen lasting friendships!


An annual highlight for both the youth and the youth leaders, the fall camping trip is a great way to kick off the calendar year! With fun, food and lots of time to relax and hangout, this is the perfect place to get to know each other. And s'mores. There are always s'mores...


SERVE is a one-week mission trip for high school students. Hosted by churches across Canada and the United States, SERVE is hands-on and people-oriented, and as a result often has a transformative impact that lasts a lifetime! At SERVE, teens become part of something greater than themselves, make a real difference and learn that their lives have significance.

Talbot Street Church is a SERVE host site.


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