We believe that we are called to meaningful relationships and engagement with our global sisters and brothers. We believe that we are called to SERVE OUR WORLD and by doing so, we begin to more fully understand the heart of God.


At the heart of Jesus' ministry is the proclamation to "preach good news to the poor" (Luke 4:18-19). We seek to situate ourselves where Christ situated Himself - among the poor. In doing so, we broaden our understanding of God's Kingdom.


We believe that global missions work is a symbiotic relationship where both parties have the ability to give, receive and learn from one another. We seek to avoid paternalistic tendencies by taking a posture of humility and learning. 


We believe that engaging in global missions work provides a place for significant spiritual growth and development. We seek to push beyond what is familiar and comfortable with an attitude of humility & openness, trusting that God will stretch and grow us.


We believe that robust global missions work requires both relief and development efforts. We seek to find a balance that provides short and long-term sustainable solutions to the complex issues surrounding poverty.

We believe that global missions is done best in the context of relationship and connection with people.

Talbot Street Church has several global missions partners that we are committed to engage with in long-term relationships. 

Compelled by God’s deep passion for justice & mercy, World Renew joins communities around the world to renew hope, reconcile lives and restore creation.

World Renew embraces a family-centered approach to ending global poverty with food security, peace and justice, economic livelihood and health. They join families in more than 30 developing countries to change global hunger, poverty, and illness.

World Renew works in 30 countries responding to both natural disasters and civil unrest. With partner organizations, they provide for displaced families and invest in local economies to help rebuild communities and renew hope, bringing long-term stability for future storms.

 International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global organization that protects people in poverty from violence. They are the largest anti-slavery organization in the world.

IJM believes that everyone deserves to be safe. Violence is an everyday threat to people in poverty. It’s as much a part of daily life as hunger, disease or homelessness.

IJM partners with local authorities in 21 program offices in 14 countries to combat slavery, violence against women and children, and police abuse of power against people who are poor. IJM works to rescue and restore victims, hold perpetrators accountable, and help strengthen public justice systems.
Each year we remember that Christmas isn't our birthday, it's Jesus' birthday. And Jesus has told us what He wants for His birthday, a gift for the least of these. And so we challenge our community to match whatever they spend on Christmas each year and give it to an amazing cause. From helping World Renew provide clean water to a community in Nicuragua, to helping IJM bring freedom to those living in slavery, to providing warm blankets and space heaters for the millions of Syrian refugees living in Lebanon -

This is the church in action.

Check out these videos from previous Christmas at Talbot Street campaigns.

Talbot Street Church supports a number of vocational missionaries who are sharing the love & hope of Christ at home around the world!


Navy & Ly have been serving as missionaries through Resonate Global Mission since 2013. Based in Cambodia, they work with the Timothy Leadership Training Program which trains and equips church leaders by developing action plans that results in visible transformation in individual lives and communities.


Ed & Linda have served with Wycliffe Bible Translators for 45 years as translation advisers in Suriname. Currently based in the U.S., they are raising up a new generation of Bible translators by recruiting for Convergence, an accelerated program for people with graduate degrees or seminary training and biblical knowledge to serve as Bible translation consultants.