As part of our commitment to NEXT GENERATION INVESTMENT, we host Cadets, a ministry for boys from Grade 3 - Grade 8.

THURSDAYS // 7.00 - 8.30 PM // THE CHURCH


Whether it's playing a game of floor hockey, building something in the woodshop, racing the kub kar you built in the competition with the GEMS, going on the annual Cadet Camporee, competing in the Snow Derby or earning merit badges by learning something new - there's always something fun happening at Cadets!


Cadets are placed into "cadres" - a small group of boys their age. Together, they study the Bible, complete merit badges and build things. Through cadres, deep and lasting friendships are formed.


Cadet counsellors are passionate about connecting with boys and and helping them become more Christ-like in all areas of life. Counsellors are commited to effectively sharing Christ’s love with boys in their church and community.


The Cadet theme of "Living for Jesus" flows through every activity at Cadets and helps boys discover how God is at work in their lives.


Each year, the Cadets group from Talbot Street Church attends Camporee, a gathering of Cadet groups from all over the world. At Camporee, Cadets keep busy having fun! Whether it's archery or riflery target practice, adventure games that are unusual, fun and challenging all at once, cooking meals on an open fire or gathering for times of worship or special group activities - Camporee is a place where memories that last a lifetime are made!


Each year, Cadet clubs from the area compete at Snow Derby! Clubs put their skills of fire building, cliff rescue, axemanship, compass skills, and building shelter to the test. The Cadets at Talbot Street Church has been known to pick up a trophy or two at this annual event!


After weeks of work in the woodshop, creative designing and painting, the Cadets are ready to test the speed of their Kub Kars. An anticipated event for the GEMS, Cadets and broader church community is the annual Kub Kar Rally. Each year the question remains, who will take home the top prizes for speed and creative design - the GEMS or Cadets?


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